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During NH Open Doors, New Hampshire artists, craftspeople, cultural organizations, retail shops, wineries, restaurants, lodging establishments and businesses will open their doors to you, showcasing the best that New Hampshire has to offer.

Here’s where to start – create your weekend of adventure by:

Designing your own self-guided tour with our custom Google map


How to Use The Google Map

To Move Around the State: When you first open the map, you will see the entire map of NH highlighted with each “pin” indicating the location of a NH Open Doors participant. To see a section of the state, use the directional arrows on the map to move you N, S, E or W or use the up-and-down scroll bar located right below the directional arrows to zoom in on a location or zoom out.

To Find a Specific Participant: On the left-hand side of the map is a list of all NH Open Doors participants by business name in alpha order. Scroll down the list, click on the business name you want, and the map will take you to its exact location along with an address and a link for driving directions.

To Get Driving Directions: At the bottom of each participant listing on the map is a link for “Directions.” It will ask you to type in the street and town address from where you are starting.

To Print Directions: Once you have located a participant or a section of the state that you want to visit, select “Print” logo located on top right edge, which is located along the very top edge of the map. Be sure to only print page 1, otherwise you will be printing all of the participant listings along with your map. You can also hit the Envelope icon button to send directions to an email address.

Color Key Code for Google Map “Pins”




Yellow=Fine Art