Thank you for being a participant in the Fall 2019 NH Open Doors event, November 2/3.  Your listing has been approved for publishing on the NH Open Doors website.  You will be notified as soon as the website update for Fall 2019 is completed. Once you have reviewed your information, please notify The League of NH Craftsmen if you have any desired changes, especially to hours, image or text.

Please complete your Tracking Form after the event (here you will find a Word Document and a PDF of the tracking form) and send/email it to The League of NH Craftsmen ( at the League of NH Craftsmen Headquarters, 49 South Main Street, Suite 100, Concord, NH 03301. This is important, as we are required to report this information to the New Hampshire Department of Travel & Tourism as a condition of the JPP grant.  Thank you for your assistance with this undertaking.

Below you will find marketing templates that have been created for you to assist in promoting your participation in the event:

NH Open Doors Fall 2019 Postcard
NH Open Doors Fall 2019 Poster
Sample Ad – Color
Sample Ad – greyscale
Printable Arrow Signs
NH Open Doors JPEG Logo – color
NH Open Doors JPEG Logo – greyscale

Here is the 2019 Press release for NH Open Doors.

Here is a template to create your own press release for the NH Open Doors event.

Need an itinerary to help promote your event along with others happening in your area? The League of NH Craftsmen can assist! Send all info to Only itineraries processed by the League will be promoted through this NH Open Doors website.

Please note that while we have an extensive marketing campaign planned for the event, the more you promote your own involvement the better!  Also, if you are able to partner with others in your area who have signed up, you will see a greater return.  People enjoy visiting a cluster of businesses, or following a suggested route.  The more the merrier!  Use social media on your own business Facebook page; like, comment and share the NH Open Doors posts that will begin coming out; encourage other small businesses, craftsmen and artists to become involved – this all generates more excitement for potential visitors and maximizes your investment.

If you are interested in being interviewed as a part of our NH Open Doors promotions, please contact the League –

The team at the League will often receive requests from various area media outlets looking for participants in their regions, and we would love to connect them with you!